Gerry Rixen

Gerry is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher, SYT, and holds accreditation with Yoga Alliance International (YAI), International Yoga Federation(IYF) and the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. He is also a registered member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

He started his yoga practice with the Iyengar method in London, developing his approach over 30 years together with professional experience as a teacher and therapist in Shiatsu and Chinese medicine.

He is the founder and director of SYM-Ltd and has been teaching Yoga and Shiatsu in Spain, France, Greece, Italy and the UK.

His profound knowledge of oriental healing arts and martial arts (Gerry holds a 4th Dan instructor’s diploma in the Japanese Zen art of Shorinji Kempo) is enhanced by his knowledge of the western spiritual and therapeutic traditions, including Greek philosophy, Astrology and Anthroposophy.

Over the years he has fused his unique understanding of diagnosis, treatment and healing, nutrition, philosophy and psychology to create truly interesting courses and workshops related to personal growth and transformation as well as the healing of chronic and degenerative disease.

After completing his studies in Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge University he worked as a language teacher and TV news reporter/producer before dedicating himself full time to healing and teaching.

Gerry speaks English, French, German and Spanish.

Anna Leslie

Anna Leslie is a professional yoga teacher, having completed several yoga teacher training courses in the past 5 years. She graduated with SYM in 2014 and continued her energetic training in her yoga practice under the instruction  of Gerry Rixen. She has been studying Japanese DO-IN, Meridian stretching and Shiatsu over the past 3 years, deepening her yoga by completing another Yoga teacher training course with the International Sivinanda Vedanta Center Ashram training in March 2018, in Argentina.

Anna spent 6 months in India, in 2015, where she studied in several different yoga ashrams , including Amma ashram, Sivinanda Ashram in Kerela and others. She has also completed 5 Vipassana silent meditation retreats in India and Europe. Anna has been working for SYM since 2015, helping with all aspects of the teacher training courses, including teaching, cooking and course organisation.

Anna dedicated herself to sports from a young age, running the London Marathon and training for competitive horse riding and show jumping. Once discovering the healing benefits of yoga and meditation she dedicated herself full time to this discipline and its great philosophical and spiritual teachings.

Darina Samuelova

Is a fully trained Yoga Teacher, 500 hour level, having studied both in Europe and in India. It was her love of sports and athletics which led her to Yoga. After spending 5 years as a personal trainer and fitness instructor Darina decided to become a professional Yoga Teacher. She has also been training as a massage therapist and practices Reiki as she finds that the combination of Yoga and body work make for a truly profound healing experience.
Darina speaks fluent English and Czeck.

Iain Loban

Iain qualified as a yoga teacher with SYM in 2014 , and had been practising yoga for over ten years prior to this. He follows an ashtanga practise daily, and mixes his broad knowledge in yoga philosophy into his teachings. He has a strong practise both in asana and meditation and uses both dynamic and restorative sequences to lead students through classes. He currently lives in Spain where he teaches regularly.

Massimo Cantara

Massimo is a 500 Hour Master Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance International, as well as a professional Shiatsu therapist and teacher. He is a qualified kinesiologist and the director of Holismos, a centre for complementary therapies in Poggibonsi, Tuscany, Italy. He also teaches Anatomy and Pyhsiology.
Massimo spent 12 years practising Shorinji Kempo but trained originally as a percussionist, playing for many years in various groups in the UK and in Italy. He speaks Italian and English.


Certified by Yoga Alliance International

Spain, Cervera del Maestre

Arrival date 27 April / Departure date 19 May
(Language: English)

Arrival date 6 July / Departure date 28 July
(Language: English)

Arrival date 9 August / Departure date 31 August
(Language: English)

Arrival date 5 October / Departure date 27 October
(Language: English)

Cost 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training,
Dormitory (Max 5 people) : € 2200*
Twin : € 2500*
Single : € 2800*

* Course fees include tuition,accommodation, course manual and textbook, pick up (and drop off) from Peniscola/Benicarlo railway station, two main vegetarian meals per day and Yoga Alliance International certification.

Spain, Cervera del Maestre

27 April - 26 May 2019
(Language: English)

Cost 500 Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training,
Dormitory (Max 5 people) : € 3100*
Twin : € 3500*
Single : € 3900*

* Course fees include tuition,accommodation, course manual and textbook, pick up (and drop off) from Peniscola/Benicarlo railway station, two main vegetarian meals per day and Yoga Alliance International certification.

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